Paw Balm Moisturizer For Cats & Dogs


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Revitalize Your Pup’s Paws: Your furry friend’s delicate paw pads deserve the best care, especially in harsh conditions. Our innovative paw balm harnesses the power of natural oils and waxes to provide gentle relief and safeguarding.

Moisturize, Soothe, & Shield: No matter the elements, our enriching formula offers comprehensive protection. Crafted from a blend of nourishing waxes, it not only shields against rough terrain and weather but also comforts cracked noses, pads, and paws.

Premium Ingredients: Our dog paw balm is meticulously crafted from top-tier materials, meticulously refined to meet stringent standards. Rest assured, our non-toxic formulation ensures your canine companion’s safety.

Effortless Application: Simply apply a thin layer onto the paw pads and between toes, or gently massage onto the nose. Allow it to fully absorb and dry before activity. Incorporate into your daily routine for optimal maintenance. No need to trim hair; simply wipe your pup’s paws after outdoor adventures.

Year-Round Defense: Experience the peace of mind of all-season protection without the discomfort of cumbersome boots. Our natural paw balm prevents cracking and provides reliable shielding in any weather condition.



Material: Sunflowers Seed Oil, Beeswax
Size: Approx. 4x4x3.5cm/1.57×1.57×1.37in
Weight: Approx.33g
Capacity: 30g/1oz

Package Includes:
1 x Dog Paw Balm Wax

Paw Balm Moisturizer For Cats & Dogs
Paw Balm Moisturizer For Cats & Dogs

Paw Balm Moisturizer For Cats & Dogs
Paw Balm Moisturizer For Cats & Dogs



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Paw Balm Moisturizer For Cats & Dogs